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Setting up a Zwift Meet-up session

Zwift can be boring when riding alone so their new Meet-up option (used on Tuesday night Chain Gang) is a great way to continue to train together. And it works GLOBALLY!

To set up a meet up follow these steps in you Companion App:

1. Open Companion and select the Events option

2. Select the Meet-up icon from the 3 at the top (Bike, Run, Meet-up) and then select Create Meetup

Follow the options down the page

3. What do you want to do? Cycle or Run

4. When do you want to meet? Select the date and time in the drop down menu that opens at the bottom of the screen

5a. Choose Where do you want to go? Select from the available lands (in this image Watopia was chosen)

5b. Choose the course from the drop down list provided (In this image Sand And Sequoias was chosen). This sets the course and starting position in Zwift.

6. Select Distance or Duration and set the required distance/time (in this image Duration and 60 minutes was selected)

7. Select the Person/people you wish to invite to the Meet-up. (Remember, to be invited they must follow up as well as you follow them in Zwift). Tick the icon next to their name in the list of followers you have. They will now show as invited as below.

8a. Choose if to Customise your Meet-up. Options art either Keep Everyone Together or None. None means free riding for all.

8b. Add a message if required - This could be the name of the Workout to be used or any other message. It will display when each person joins the meetup so can be a useful reminder.

9. Select the Create Meetup button finally to send the invitation and set the meetup ready

10. Enjoy the ride


See Blog Zwift Chain Gang Meetup for instructions to join for guests

See Blog Uploading a Zwift Workout if you wish to add a personally developed workout for use at your meet-up

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