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Ride like a Renegade


CSR (Cake or Sausage Roll) Ride

Fortnightly, Saturday at 9:00 from the Angel Pub, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Free to members and friends.

A social group ride.  We always plan to go out in two groups, meeting at a cafe somewhere for, as the title suggests, Cake or Sausage Roll. Each group will have a ride leader and we operate a no drop policy – we only go as quickly as the slowest rider.  The speeds below are meant as a guide to help you determine which group you should ride with, they are not a target speed!

Group 1 - Distance - 30-50km (18-30 miles), Average Speed - 20km/h (12mph)

Group 2 - Distance - 50k-100k (30-60 miles), Average Speed - 25km/h (15mph)

Please note that our CSR rides are NOT coached or managed in any way and you join them accepting full responsibility for your ride and have reviewed our ride Rules of the Road.


Chain Gang

(from April) – Every Tuesday at 19.00 from the Angel Pub, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, KT7 0AU. Free to members.

Group 1 - 30km (18 miles), 25km/h (15mph)

Group 2 - 40km (25 miles), 30+km/h (18.5+mph)

Both groups go out on a local loop in a structured Chain Gang session, riding through and off - www.youtube.com/watch

We will then meet back at the Angel at approximately the same time for an occasional much needed post-ride shandy.

Coached Sessions


We have a partnership with Synergy81 in Chessington (see our Partners page for more details and costs), who offer structured indoor performance cycling classes. See their website for session times and details:


You're always going to push yourself a little bit harder when you are training together and there's no better place than an indoor cycle studio.

Training to power, and more specifically to your FTP (Functional Threshold Power), is the most beneficial form of cycle training. Sessions are designed to activate very specific training stimulus by structuring intervals around your own personal FTP, the most accurate measure of 'effort' on a bike. Training to power has advantages over training to metrics like heart rate, because of the variations heart rate is susceptible to.


Lots of our members are already on Zwift and when the weather is particularly bad we often meet up in Watopia for a ride in the virtual world.

With the right equipment Zwift also offers the benefit of training to power, so structured sessions based on your FTP are also possible.

Find out more at Zwift.com

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Looking for some ride buddies?
message us on facebook or WhatsApp and we will try and put together a group