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We welcome all levels of athletes to our coaching sessions from newbies to GB Age groupers. We are all more than happy to share our knowledge and skills in swim, bike and runs. 


We offer 3 types of training / coaching opportunities:


Social: Anyone is welcome to join our social training sessions which include group runs and rides. We hold a no drop policy on any of these events.


Structured: Swim, bike and run sessions where we provide a basic structure to the session (for example, a run set at track or interval session in the pool). These sessions are for members only and the only fees will be those leveraged but the hosting venue (e.g. Pool / Track entrance)


Coached: These sessions will be free to members as Structured sessions unless the Coach is charging the club in which case the cost will be split between those attending. A Coached session will be wholly managed by a qualified coach and be focused on skills development. Coached sessions could be Swim, Bike or Run focused as well as technique specific like Transition Practice or Swim coaching. As a member of Renegade Triathlon all Social, Structured and Coached sessions will be provided as part of your annual membership unless there is a cost to enter a venue (e.g. Track) or a coach is provided to lead the session.


Any cost for specific Coached sessions will be clearly outlined in advance via email or the relevant page of the website.


Coached swim sessions with SwimLab will be charged at the rates agreed for members with the coach or providing company.

Non members will be charged a flat rate for Structured Sessions and a fee plus their share of the coach fee for coached sessions. These fees will be outlined in any communication and on the website. There will be no charge for Social events for non members.

All fees payable to the club will be paid into the team account.


We also have a Strava Team, why wouldn’t we of course. Found at this link join us and all your weekly training sessions and races will be totalled and added to the Weekly Leaderboard. If you are unaware of Strava then it can link directly to your Garmin device and automatically uploads your details once you have synced your device with Garmin Connect. All you have to do is create a Strava profile and make the connection. Its a great way to see how much training you are doing as well as compare to the total nutters who are putting far too much time into training. 

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