British Triathlon

By affiliating yourself to one of the 3 Triathlon home nations you will be entitled to a discount at most multi-sport events. Non affiliated athletes are generally required to pay between £4 and £6 per event. Being affiliated costs £51 per person but by being a member of Renegade Triathlon and selecting us as your Member Club you will receive a discount to £40 for your Brit Tri licence.

To change the triathlon club to which you belong, please email British Triathlon at Just confirm your membership licence number, your name and the name of the club you wish to transfer to (Renegade Triathlon). You can be a member of more than one triathlon club, but you cannot represent more than one club in races. You can change clubs once only per year.

TriMark Club

Triathlon England has worked with Sport England, under Club Matters, to develop a new accreditation scheme for community triathlon clubs within England called TriMark Club accreditation.  The scheme is for all community clubs, junior and senior, that have an established committee, a recognised constitution and has a membership offer open to everyone no matter what their background. The scheme launched on 1 April 2017.

TriMark Club

A TriMark Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all genders and ages, that want to be involved in the sport of triathlon. A TriMark Club has reached a level of accreditation that helps parents and carers identify the right club for their young people.

A TriMark Club will have achieved a number of set criteria in the following areas:

  • Club Management

  • Duty of Care and Welfare

  • Activity Programme

  • Knowing Your Club and Community

A TriMark Club will have met criteria in each of the above to be awarded accreditation at one of three levels.

TriMark Club Accreditation Levels

TriMark Club accreditation is structured into 3 levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these levels has a set criteria that must be met in order to attain the corresponding accreditation status.. Each level is described as follows:

  • TriMark Club Bronze Accreditation – The Bronze level is the entry point into the Triathlon England accreditation scheme. This level outlines that the club has confirmed it is a community club with a management committee, that it has a constitution, an active activity programme, and where required a Welfare Officer. Additionally the club coaches  must be operating within their qualification remit and the club should have an open and inclusive membership offer.


The Club's TriMark Bronze Club Accreditation til 2022 Certificate can be found here

The Club's Triathlon England (BTF) 2020 Certificate can be found here

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