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Train like a Renegade

Additional Training Opportunities

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing Structured Coaching and Informational sessions we will add a number of additional group sessions to assist with Strength and Conditioning, Transition Skills and other areas to practice skills. If there are particular coaching skills you would like to see added please let the committee know and we will see how we can add it.

Transition technique

Transition is often seen as the forth discipline in Triathlon. Swift and efficient movement between swim and bike (T1) and Bike and Run (T2) can often save many minutes in your race.

Practicing these skills are as important as actual Swim, Bike and Run training.

The sessions will cover each transition (1&2), provide tips on set up and preperation and allow you to practice a number of times.

Strength and Conditioning

As a triathlete, why train for strength?  What are the benefits?

Endurance athletes often contemplate  whether, or not, to incorporate strength sessions into their weekly training schedule, 


The question often arises with triathletes due to the nature of the heavy training load already in place.  


It is often argued by time starved triathletes, “surely actively doing the disciplines will build the correct muscle strength, muscle memory, resilience and will functionally show greater improvements than swapping for a strength session.”  


Certainly consistent swim, bike and run training will get results, and many athletes will get away without investing time in strength sessions, mobility, and flexibility workouts.  However, it’s like running a car without topping up the oil, it can be fine for ages, but then you drive it harder, and harder and suddenly the oil is low and the car starts to malfunction, and performance dips.  


Strength training on it’s own will not directly make you faster, or improve your endurance to race longer, but it will allow you to train at higher intensities for longer, that in turn will improve your endurance and speed performance, it’s the indirect effect we focus on.


If you would like to try the strength and conditioning zoom sessions I run for the Renegades, it is a 10 week course always starting with the basics, and then moving through more complex moves, designed to strengthen those key areas for triathlon. Contact me by email  £30 for the block.

Brick sessions 

Extending from the Transition technique sessions we will also include Brick sessions into the training calendar. Moving repeatedly from Bike to Run (or swim to bike) is a great way to prepare for a race so we will look to include these skills and practice opportunities whenever we can as well as lead specific Brick sessions. At the start of our season we benchmark our members at the session, this will then give you a clear target for improvement through winter training and into summer competitions.

Social Events

Of course, social evenings are also very important and we will regularly host evenings that allow us some time off training and development and a chance to just catch-up, chat and have fun. This is what we are all about after all! 


Share your Renegade photos on the club instagram page. We might use them on the site.

Join the conversation on our facebook group and talk about anything triathlon related.​

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