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Swim like a Renegade

Salim at Swim Lab has an alternative approach to swimming. His main focus is to help you connect with water; be it a lake, river, sea or pool. If you can feel safe, protected and part of the element, you will move through it more naturally.

SwimLab will help you to cut through the water effortlessly. There is an ever evolving method to swim “perfectly”. This will vary from person to person, and be influenced by personal objectives and physiology (including injury, habits etc). We start with those, and will teach you to harness your strengths so that you are swimming from A to B beautifully. Our theory is that once you are “connected”, working on the efficiency, speed, and endurance become easy. Our clients range from Ironmen to swimming pool novices, from ages 3 to 93



Hampton Pool Winter Club

Training programmes in lanes 1 to 3 are geared up to improve strength , stamina and speed for Open or pool swimming. Lanes 1 to 3 are designed for triathletes, ironmen and open water swimmers, graded by speed.

Each week holds a different focus of the session and full details can be found at Swim Lab

Sundays 6:30pm – 7:30pm from October to May. Cost £8 per session.

Shepperton Lake Open Water Swim

Swimming in what we consider to be quite possibly the best swimming lake in the world we will hold 2 coached sessions per week.

Either Monday or Wednesday 7:00pm for 1 hour (TBD)

Either Saturday or Sunday morning 7:00am for 1 hour (TBD)

Groups up to 10 people with a focus on Stroke, Technique, Stamina and Speed this one hour weekly sessions is aimed at helping you to get used to swimming in Open Water as well as developing your sighting skills, stamina and speed in the water. An evolution of the skills developed in the pool over the winter.

Lake swims will also include T1 experience learning and practising wetsuit removal and moving onto your bike or run section. We will occasionally also take in a post swim ride or run around the local area or lake as a group.

Session costs

£8.00 per person per sessions. Minimum 5 people max 10 people.

Note: You will also be required to pay entrance to the lake (£4.00 per swim)

Endless pool / One to One coaching

Why not book a session with Salim to analyse your stroke in our endless pool facility in the heart of Twickenham? – Sessions will cost £35 for 30mins. By appointment only. Email or call to book. www.swimlab.org.uk