Swim like a Renegade

Swimlab's unique approach is to develop "water connection" as the foundation for stroke development, and to then tailor the stroke to individuals accounting for body type, swim history, age, injury etc. We want you to recognise and adapt to differing conditions whether it is a lake, river, sea or pool. With or without a wetsuit.


Salim the founder of SwimLab is our in-house swim guru. Whilst familiar with the current conventional methodologies  such as Total Immersion, Swim Smooth, Shaw Method, Swim Nature, ASA, STA, Straight Line (SL) etc, SwimLab take a "Swimnostic" approach, harnessing the latest thinking from them all, with perhaps an emphasis on Kerri Anne Payne's SL methodology for obvious reasons for Renegades (as it is more focussed on Open Water).


Salim started coaching swimming and Swimming for Triathlon in 1985 whilst Captain of the team at the University of York. He re started coaching in 2000, setting up SwimLab officially in 2012.


Kit Kat Klub at Hampton Pool

The sessions are designed to suit virtual unfit novice (Lane 5) to Ironman (Lane 1). We work on building speed, endurance, swim strength and technique over the winter so that you hit the start off the season running. Cost is £10 per session. Drop in. (no membership charge to Renegades). 

Each week holds a different focus of the session and full details can be found at Swim Lab

Sundays 6:30pm – 7:30pm from October to May. 

Shepperton Lake - Open Water Group Swim

Through the week April to October. Group sessions are at 10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings and cover open water swim technique (in wetsuits), pacing, sighting, turns, starts and finishes. Cost is £10 per session plus lake fee (£5). Private lessons are also available at a 10% discount during normal lake opening hours.

Swimming in what we consider to be quite possibly the best swimming lake in the world we will hold 2 coached sessions per week.

Wimbledon technical Stroke Sessions

Held on alternate Friday nights at the new Kings Pool in Wimbledon Village. These sessions are designed to purely focus on stroke technique. Usual cost is £15, but £10 to Renegades. Places must be reserved by text or WhatsApp Salim on the swim group.

Alternate Fridays 21:00pm – 22:00pm 

The Swim Lab - Twickenham

Private sessions to work on stroke, involving video analysis, available Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in our own endless pool facility. £50 per hour for Renegades (Usually £60). www.swimlab.org.uk


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