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Lockdown #3.0 - Virtually everything is virtual in 2021 including the NEW Renegade Podcast...

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives.... Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown..... and so 2021 begins...

But we still need to maintain our fitness and training and doing this alone is a huge challenge. I, for one, really struggle to get out and do a proper training session on my own where I am actually developing and making a difference to my fitness levels. Its so easy to just go out and jog or ride with no focus or direction.

Fear not though, we are here to help and support in your ongoing training with many options available. We support:

  1. "Track, not track" sessions - be part of the Track Group to get your weekly speed session workout plan

  2. Zwift Training - Join the Zwift WhatsApp group to be part of the regular weekly Zwift workouts where we ride as a group and your power input/output is all that is needed

  3. Zwift Racing - Tuesday is race night. Join a group of members in a race round Watopia or any other Zwift world for a great high intensity speed ride

  4. Strength and Conditioning - Our resident S&C Guru, Libby, hosts a weekly session on Wednesdays at 8pm. All open to join the zoom session. Contact Libby to get more details.

  5. Brick Sessions - Weekends are Brick session time. Watch out on TeamApp and WhatsApp for the next Brick session. Run and bike combined all from the safety of your Turbo and treadmill or local roads

  6. Longer Zwift Rides - team members are regularly setting up Zwift Meet-ups for longer (chatty) group rides. You are welcome to complete a workout during the session or just ride along with the group and enjoy the banter and chat on Discord.

  7. Tuesday Coffee Catch-ups - 11am Tuesday mornings for a catch up chat and coffee with team members - its not all about training and racing either....

  8. Quiz Nights - 4 down and amazing fun for all the family. Watch out for news of the next Quiz Night coming very soon

New for 2021 are our own "Renegades Podcasts" to be found on the team Website Podcast page ( Hosted by "Master-Caster" Colin, each podcast will look to share team news, tips, tricks and athlete profiles. The first one is now available and the next promises to discuss the all important issue of finding the best sausage rolls....

So lots to keep us busy until such times as we can get back to track, run in the woods together, ride in groups and swim in pools and lakes.

If you need any help of guidance creating plans that work with these options then just reach out to any coach at any time.

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