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Zwift Chain Gang MEETUP

Our ever loved weekly Chain Gang rides move to Zwift for the Winter months to keep us working on our cycle speed and strength.

Each week we will set up a MEETUP in Zwift with a planned route and Workout (either one of the Zwift options or a self created workout) and share this in advance for anyone to join.

Within Zwift all of us are kept together on the ride regardless of your individual Power Output and the Workout adapts itself based on your personal FTP setting.

Instructions to join are as follows:

1. Sign up to the MEETUP in your Zwift Companion App. We will share when this is available and you will need to be following the Ride Leader in ZWIFT to be able to join.

2. Sign into Zwift as usual – Allow 10+ minutes to Open Zwift in case any updates are required or any delays occur

3. Ensure all Sensors are connected

4. Select the desired World to ride based on the MEETUP plan (e.g. Watopia or New York) - this will be indicated in the MEETUP invite. Select Ride to start Zwift.

5. Once the MEETUP has started and you are waiting on the sidelines (usually 3-5 minutes before the scheduled start time), click the screen to display the Menu button on the bottom left of the screen

6. Once opened, select the Workout button on the top right of the window.

7. Scroll through the list to select the named Workout as informed in the WhatsApp Group

8. Once found, Click to select the Workout and then Select the Workout button at the bottom of the screen

9. The Workout will now display on the top right of your screen showing all the steps to be completed including time, cadence and Watts per segment

10. Start pedalling at least 15 seconds before the start so you don't get left behind at GO!

11. Follow the guidance shown in the Centre window showing Watts required, Cadence required etc for each segment of the Workout.

12. Your name will show in green in the list of names on the right hand side in green along with all the others in the group.

13. As the segments are completed each section will be awarded a "Star" if you have completed it according to the required power/cadence etc

14. Ride as a group (Zwift will generally keep the group together regardless of power output by each individual). ENJOY IT!

15. During the ride we will use either the Zwift Chat or WhatsApp group to communicate with each other. We are looking into a Discord Chat option maybe for the future.

16. At the end of the session Click the screen and select End. This will display your outputs and then Save and close the ride.

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