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Coaching Plans

Generic training plans can work for some people and there are some good resources out there, 220 Triathlon have a very comprehensive list of free plans for a variety of distances.


However it's rare that life fits into a generic plan so we'd recommend sitting down with a qualified coach who can help tailor a plan to you.  But 121 coaching can be expensive and is often dependent on your sporting aspirations.


Our coaching team is growing in size and experience all the time and we're happy to help members look at training plans and give advice and guidance, hopefully given structure and confidence so they don't feel like they're blindly training.


Rob - Level 2 British Triathlon Coach, GB Triathlon age grouper and multiple marathon and Ironman finisher.

• Lee - Level 1 British Triathlon Coach, **kids stuff** multiple marathon and Ironman finisher.

Matt - Level 1 British Triathlon Coach, multiple GB Triathlon age grouper and marathon and Ironman finisher.

Kate - England Athletics Leadership in Run Fitness, multiple GB Duathlon age grouper and marathon finisher.


TriMark Club

A TriMark Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all genders and ages, that want to be involved in the sport of triathlon. A TriMark Club has reached a level of accreditation that helps parents and carers identify the right club for their young people.

A TriMark Club will have achieved a number of set criteria in the following areas:

  • Club Management

  • Duty of Care and Welfare

  • Activity Programme

  • Knowing Your Club and Community


A TriMark Club will have met criteria in each of the above to be awarded accreditation at one of three levels.

Junior Renegades Club

The New Junior Renegades, starts this spring, qualified coaches and a range of different training sessions around Surrey (running, bike work, transitions). 

Announcement to follow soon