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Coaching Plans

Generic training plans can work for some people and there are some good resources out there, 220 Triathlon have a very comprehensive list of free plans for a variety of distances.


However it's rare that life fits into a generic plan so we'd recommend sitting down with a qualified coach who can help tailor a plan to you.  But 121 coaching can be expensive and is often dependent on your sporting aspirations.


Our coaching team is growing in size and experience all the time and we're happy to help members look at training plans and give advice and guidance, hopefully given structure and confidence so they don't feel like they're blindly training.


Rob - Level 2 British Triathlon Coach, GB Triathlon age grouper and multiple marathon and Ironman finisher.

Miles - Level 2 STA Open Water Swim Coach, Level 2 British Triathlon Coach, multiple Triathlon, marathon and Ironman finisher.


• Lee - Level 1 British Triathlon Coach, multiple marathon and Ironman finisher.

Feel free to contact any of our coaches

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Rob Elliott



Rob has been a triathlete for over 10 years now and loves to share his knowledge and abilities with anyone. In that time he progressed from Sprint distance at Dorney Lake to Ironman Italy, Challenge Roth, and as a GB Age Group Athlete at the 70.3 European Championship in Herning. He is passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge all the time and has been known to provide some very creative coaching sessions both at track, in the woods and in particular for transition development.

Quote: 'Simply faster, sometimes'

Miles Irving

Open Water Swim Coach

Level 1 Triathlon Coach

Miles started triathlon in 2011 on a whim and became hooked, he has competed at all distances including IronMan, After completing his first IronMan in 2018 he won the club's 'Renegade of the Year' award.


Miles studied and qualified as an STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach during lockdown, he takes groups of swimmers of all abilities, from first timers to seasoned swimmers. He delivers his sessions from the water and they are always fun and he provides a free hot drink afterwards too. As of 2023 He is also now a qualified BTF Level 2 Coach too.

Quote 'Destiny is like a great white horse''

Lee Maxwell


After a forced rest following on from a running injury in 2011 Lee decided to keep fit with less impacting exercises like swimming and cycling, the obvious route become to try Triathlon. Since his first Tri in 2012 he has continued to test himself moving from sprint distances to finishing 4 Ironman distance events. Along his journey from “layabout” to Ironman he has actively trained, mentored and offered advice to many new to the sport. He is a level 1 British Triathlon coach with the club.

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