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Renegade Club Routes

Chain Gang Short.jpg
Renegade Brick Run.jpg
Hello Hills.jpg
Henley Loop.jpg
More Hills.jpg
Devil's Punchbowl.jpg
Chain Gang.jpg
Renegade Brick Ride.jpg
Windsor Loop Short.jpg
Rhod's Tour de Kent.jpg
Cycle Routes to add to your Garmin devices

Here are the GPX files for some of our most frequent rides.  There's everything from our all guns blazing 'Chain Gangs', hilly routes for the goats among you and long all day jaunts to the coast and back. All of which pass at least a couple of cafes for the obligatory cafe, cake and sausage rolls.  Details on how to add them to your Garmin below.


You can import these gpx files into your Strava account page by using this GPX to Strava Import tool or into Garmin Connect.

Then get Strava Routes on your Garmin device. Learn how.


Send in your gpx files to share with club

We also have a Strava Team, why wouldn’t we of course. Found at this link join us and all your weekly training sessions and races will be totalled and added to the Weekly Leaderboard. If you are unaware of Strava then it can link directly to your Garmin device and automatically uploads your details once you have synced your device with Garmin Connect. All you have to do is create a Strava profile and make the connection. Its a great way to see how much training you are doing as well as compare to the total nutters who are putting far too much time into training. 

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