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Its Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid, at Christmas time, we let in Renegades and banish shade.

And in our world of plenty, Langleys spread a smile of joy, throw your arms around your friends, At Christmas time.....

A great turn out for the Annual Christmas Party event where on side the team wore Hats and the others didn't.... Nobody likes a party pooper!

Poor showing (or not) from the Chairman but that didn't deter from and amazing evening of food, chatting, drinking and fun (and hardly a sausage in sight).

The annual Awards ceremony was superbly hosted by Matt and Lee with a starring role from Vicki as well (looks like the Chairman has a get out of jail card now too). Sighted for missing the Chairmans sobbing it was noted that Matt filled in with his own sobbing, so all was good!

Awards were presented to:

- Alex for his amazing efforts in leaving T2 with his helmet on - A Transition Checklist was provided.

- Leonie, having caused much panic to her supporters during her 70.3 event at cut-offs for each section of the race, was provided an alarm clock to help her "in-race scheduling"

- Wayne received the First Aid kit following a year of tragedy including running into lamp posts and breaking leg as well as falling off his bike.

- Colin was supported with his own "map come race emergency kit" following his efforts both in the woods and cubicles at the Fugitive in July, and of course once again missing the turn in the race - now prepared for all future events with his own "Aerobar Edition" of toilet roll.

- Raceface 2019 awards were given to Dan and Vicki who are our 2019 Power Couple of Race Faces! The selection was hard though as you can see..... A very straight finger Mrs P, and no words to describe the wrapped up gentleman in the middle!

- Mark was awarded Renegade "Triathlete in the Making" Trophy as he transitions from Duathlete to Triathlete in 2020. Great work to see his embracing the swim, especially in the lake!

- Renegade of the Year 2019 was awarded to our own star John Maskell after his epic year qualifying for Team GB Age Group 70.3 as well as securing a spot in Taupo Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2020. He is also just a really nice guy and most people voted for him.... Well done John.

In other news on the night:

It was noted that some members took full advantage of the Chairmans absence and promptly consumed his meal - he was planning on having it to take away but no chance apparently. There is photo evidence of the culprits and one would assume the toilet roll may be in use sooner rather than later!

And, as is another Renegade Tradition (not transition), the Cracker Gods delivered a pack of playing cards to the "demon cheats" who no doubt delighted in taking full advantage (as is also tradition) of the rest of the unsuspecting team, much to the horror of those in the background who have been party to these antics in the past!

Thank you to all the team for an amazing 2019 of training and racing together and lets hope 2020 is just as good and that the Chairman can control his stomach at the next event....

Here's to you, and raise a glass to everyone. Its Christmas time and its full of fun.....

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