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2018 up and (Swim, Bike) Running

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

January has seen us all endure some cold cold weather and February is not looking too much better. Roll on summer and the opportunity to get some nice outdoor exercise, training and racing in. I know I am really looking forward to getting back in the lake once warm enough.

Cool Shades

“All the groups are listed on our whatsapp page and you can add or remove yourself as you wish. If nothing else, it’s a good opportunity to keep up with the team banter! ”

As we sprint into 2018 and the new season, it’s the time when we all start planning (or adding to) our seasons event and goals. Marathon season is now in full swing with the usual plethora of half and full events lined up. We have team members at London and Brighton Marathons (don’t forget we will be riding down to Brighton to support all being well) and many members are racing half’s in the run up to those as either test or training races. We will of course be out in force supporting whenever we can.

For the Summer we know we have a number of brand new triathletes to support as they start their adventures in the sport as well as those hardened enough to be completing full distance events and representing Team GB as Age Group athletes all over the world. IF you are completing in an Ironman event please affiliate yourself to the team so we can capture the points in our division and hopefully win some prizes, 


Renegades in Action

Training is fully underway now and we look forward to adding more sessions to the calendar in the coming weeks. Currently, of course, we have Track on Thursday’s and quite a regular Run Commute community on going from Westminster to several locations on the train line home as suits. Sundays sees us swimming with SwimLab in the evening. Going forward we will be adding more woods based runs either in Esher Woods or Horton Park which will alternate and of course support all levels of running. 

Once the weather picks up a little more we will schedule more regular Group Rides for the weekends and also plan a regular Brick session to be based in Horton Park as well hopefully. Late April will of course see the return of a weekly Chain Gang ride as well so our chance to practice some drafting and sprint round the 23 mile loop. 

We are now trying a new more direct method of communication via WhatsApp. We have created several different groups to share, chat and make plans on so feel free to sign up to any you may be interested in. All the groups are listed on our whatsapp page and you can add or remove yourself as you wish. If nothing else, it’s a good opportunity to keep up with the team banter! 

As you should also be aware we have a new website and we encourage you to sign in and review all the items and news. We have opened a team pageon Facebook that we hope will be used to search us out in the future and is public so we continue to use the closed groupfor pictures and chat as always. Finally remember to join the team up calendarsite to ensure you know when training and racing events are happening.

We all look forward to training, racing together and supporting whenever possible in 2018 and remember, feel free to open up any training sessions, group rides etc to the Renegades Community whenever possible.

Happy 2018

Rob Elliott


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