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Setting up a Garmin Workout session

Garmin Connect provides a great resource to support structured workouts like Virtual Track sessions. Here we will walk through creating a workout based on the following session:

  • 10 minutes warm up

  • 4 x 400m (0.25 miles) at 5km pace

  • 3 x 800m (0.5 miles) at 10km pace

  • 2 x 1200m (0.75 miles) at half marathon pace

  • 1 x 1600m (1 mile) at marathon pace.

  • 10 minutes cool down

  • Additionally, there was to be an extra minute recovery between each set as well.

In Garmin Connect select Training then Workouts from the ... menu on the bottom right of the screen.

The Create a Workout option will open

Select this option to Open the type of Workout to create. Select Run for this option.

The Run Workout Option will Open as below with options to start with.

To select the step to edit click the Segment. Start with "Warm Up". This opens the options to amend as below:

For our example the only change here will be the duration to be set to 10 minutes for the Warm up.

Options to change will be "Duration Type" to change to "Time" and "Set Duraton" to "10 minutes".

Use the < option at the top of the screen to save the changes and return to the main screen

Next set the 4 x 400m at 5km pace. As this is a repeating step we will use the "Add a Repeat" button and adjust as per the directions.

To amend for our step

1. Click the "Repeat 2 times" words to change to 4 times via the scroll option.

2. Select the Run field to amend to the required distance and pace. In this case for distance 0.25 miles or 400 metres

3. Set the intensity of the step next. 5km pace (in my case between 7:00 min / mile and 7:30 min / mile pace)

Now all the steps are completed we can see the following for this Run segment:

a) Duration Type - Distance

b) Duration - 0.25 miles or 400 m

c) Intensity Target is set to on

d) Target type - pace

e)Target pace - 7:00 to 7:30 pace

Save this and return to the main screen

4. Now repeat this for the Recovery section within this repeat. I only set the duration but you can also repeat the Intensity targets as well if required. Again save this step.

5 Repeat the above for the additional Repeating steps of the Workout - 3 x 800m, 2 x 1200m and 1 x 1600 m.

6. Add the additional 1 minute Recovery steps between each Repeating step by selecting the Add a Step option. It is possible to drag and move this to anywhere within the Workout so they are placed after each Repeating Step.

7. Add and amend the final Cool Down section - 10 minutes etc.

8. Name and Save the Workout as below. This is how it should look:

9. Finally send the Workout to your Garmin Device using the Telephone Icon at the top of the screen when in the actual workout. Once sent and your device is Synced the Workout is ready to use.

10. To use it Select Run on your watch then Options and Select Workout. Choose the desired workout and press Start to go.

Each step will now Buzz on your watch when it is time to change and you just need to run at the required pace you have set.

If you are outside the pace targets your device should beep or buzz a warning and guide you to speed up or down as required.

Good luck

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