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Want to chat while turbo training - DISCORD is the answer

Discord is a voice and chat server designed for computer games and thus makes it perfect for chatting and organising groups in Zwift. We will use it for our regular Zwift Rides and Brick sessions

To join a Discord server is easy:

1. Download discord for your device: you can get it for windows, mac, phone (search "Discord" in App Store) or even linux. If you don't want to install anything you can alternatively use the webapp

2. Next create an account with your details

3. Click on the “+” icon in the left column. On the mobile version you would need to open the menu on the top left and then click on the “+”

4. Click on “Join a Server”.

5. Enter in the dedicated Renegade Server URL or paste the invite URL using Ctrl + V or Cmd + V. Or on mobile copy use just the code “rw9qn24”

6. After pasting the invite URL click on Join.

Congratulations you are now on the server now you might want to join the voice server to hear everyone:

Simple click on the “voice channel” and you should hear a tone play and you have now joined the voice channel.

You might also want to change your voice and sound settings and change it to push to talk setting so everyone won’t hear you panting away:

1. Go to user settings indicated with the cog at the bottom next to your profile.

2. Next go to “voice & video”

3. Once in the options change the input mode to “Push to Talk”

Now you are ready to give encouragement to your team

Thanks Stejay for the details

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