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Updated: Apr 27, 2019

#replikearenegade In an attempt to open up what we do at track and share the love/pain with the rest of the club we've put together a 16 week plan.  This will cover off your hard running each week and be the basis of track from the start of May. There will be SHORT COURSE (up to 10k race distance) LONG COURSE (over 10k race distance) If you do follow along, tag your Strava/Instagram/Twitter & Facebook posts with #replikearenegade so you can share the pain/love We'll still be at track most weeks and any coaches at track will be following this plan, but it also means if you can't make track you can follow along and not miss out on the fun. You don't have to complete all 16 weeks, there are smaller cycles within the 16 weeks so even if you hit 8 weeks you'll still see a huge benefit Each week we'll post a one page sheet (week 2 below as an example) showing the details of the workout, which is hopefully easy to follow.

Week one (2nd May) will be a 5k Time trial, this can be done at track, Parkrun or on a local route but it needs to be a route that you can repeat as it will be used as a benchmark for improvement and the basis of your target splits... 

Once you have a 5k time, enter into this calculator -

Click on the training tab, which gives you target splits

Each week the workout and reps will be of a certain 'type' which correlate to the type in the splits table (repetition, interval etc) so you know how fast you should be aiming to run

There will also be a different drill focus and there will be links to YouTube clips to help you along if you're not able to come along to track

Contact Matt if you have any questions or suggestions on the weekly plans or if you'd like to get them adapted for more or less 'fun'.

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Neznámý člen
23. 5. 2019

Week 4 Session plan - Threshold miles with strides

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Neznámý člen
16. 5. 2019

Week 3 Session plan - 800s at Interval pace with walking hamstrings

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Neznámý člen
09. 5. 2019

Week 2 Session plan - 400s with foot roll drills

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Neznámý člen
27. 4. 2019

Week 1 - 2nd May is 5K time trial - here's the session plan

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