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Renegades become Fugitives for a day!


Sunday saw a huge team of Renegades become Fugitives for the morning. We took the event by storm and certainly created a buzz in the Transition / finish area.

7 relay teams of 20 members PLUS Haidee who finished the 70.3 Half Iron distance we were in full race and support mode. 

Our Sprint team came in first with Leonie, Vicki and Dan doing an amazing job to be first team in.

Of the 6 Olympic teams we took the top 3 slots and the overall race (including the fastest bike split - that included a puncture repair) but I believe it was our team support and cheering that really made the day. Set up with Gazebo, team banner and copiuos amounts of food and drink we were by far the loudest support squad out there and the Organisers totally loved us for it.

Massive Congratulations as well to Haidee who completed the Half Iron Distance and was a total star as we screamed support for each lap of the run. 

The Renegade Team
The Renegade Team

Team results:

1 - Rich, John, Matt (2:06:27)

2 - Leonie, Vicki, Dan (Sprint) (1:41:05)

3 - Billy, Rob, Michelle (2:28:29)

4 - Anne, Kate, Rich (again!) (2:29:16)

5 - Tammy, Mark, Robin (2:36:21)

6 - Miles, Bill, Wayne (2:34:55)

7 - Rhodri, Iain, Mike (timing error or just too fast)

A big thank you to Kate for organising all the teams, Dan for taking lots of photos even though he was racing himself (congrats again awesome work out there) and to everyone else involved for the effort in their respective legs, support for those on the course and laughs in and around the HQ.

What a fantastic day, very proud to be a Renegade.

Rob Elliott


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