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"Refer a Friend"to Renegades and get rewarded too

We recognise (and it was pointed out in the survey) that the team would benefit hugely from being bigger. We have seen that a number of coaching sessions have been cancelled due to only 1 or 2 people attending. We know this is frustrating but also recognise that people can’t attend all sessions due to many reasons including time, location and of course personal commitments. This is no one’s fault but with more members we would be able to host more regular sessions.

With that in mind, we feel that one of the best ways to grow the club is by personal referral and we are grateful to those members that have already introduced new members. Starting from now, we would like to introduce a “Refer a friend” incentive for all members.

Each time you "refer a friend" who joins the team we will take £10 off YOUR next annual membership fee (2020-21 year) for each person (up to a maximum of £30 discount).

Your friends are welcome to come and “try before they buy” any sessions for no charge (apart from location costs etc like track fees or swim club costs). They can try up to 3 sessions (all the same or a variety) as a maximum before being asked to join officially.

When your friends join they must state that you are their referral person and we will discount your future membership fees accordingly (2021).

Membership fees for 2020 will remain the same:

Current members - £40 for the year (Jan – December)

New members - £50 for the year (Jan – December).

If you have any questions on this please contact either Vicki or Rob and get “Referring Your Friends”.

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