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Club Awards 2017

Renegade Triathlon - End of Year Party and Awards 2017.

Contenders for Race Face!

An amazing evening last Saturday the 2nd of December. Awards all round, plenty of drinking (boosted by some very dubious card games), good food and totally amazing team mates having a brilliant time. What more could you ask for on an annual night out!

“And proudly (voted by you all) the Renegade of the Year 2017 to myself (Rob Eliott) Massive thank you. I am truly honoured.”

So the 2017 Awards went as follows...

  • Bill, Haidee and the rest of the Clark family received clappers for cheering so amazingly all year.

  • John Maskell received a repair kit for the fastest puncture repair during a race (Fugitive and still recorded the fastest bike split under an hour)

  • Vicki Rutter for services to the NHS (she has kept them busy all year) – she received a First Aid Kit that was formally presented by Tammy

  • Will Gardiner is Race Face of the year for his pictures from the London Duathlon and received a festive reminder

  • Michelle Oakes and Mark Garthwaite both received L Plates for the biggest fails of the year which included turning up without a wheel and dealing with numerous punctures and a long walk on a group ride.

  • Miles Irving received a set of 'bike balls' for his daring Brighton Bike ride

  • The more serious awards...

  • The Renegade True Grit Award for Achievement 2017 to Anne Renshaw for her determination to complete her 70.3 event

  • The Most Improved Renegade 2017 to Danny Robins for his amazing achievements all year completing marathons, 70.3s and Long Course Weekend

  • And proudly (voted by you all) the Renegade of the Year 2017 to myself (Rob Eliott) Massive thank you. I am truly honoured.

who will win next year...

Rob Elliott



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