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a Visit to the Boardman Centre

The two photos below are my "before" with red helmet and "after" photos with white helmet.

  • Move my saddle 10mm higher - so now I am 83 cm from crank head to middle of saddle compared to an inside leg of 90 cm (that is a stunning 0.92 ratio compared to the text book ratio (LeMond Ratio) of 0.883.  Reason: opens up hip flexors

  • Move my cleats right to the back of the shoes: Reason, I have strong quads and should be using them to cycle and save my calves for the running.

  • Move my saddle even further forward by 10 mm.  So now my knees are really over my toes in the classic 3 -9 oclock position.  Reason: opens up hip flexors

  • Move my pads up by 20 mm (not the stem, just the pad stack). Reason: open up body for breathing and get body straighter

  • Move my hands higher in front of my face more: reason aerodynamics: but makes it more difficult to see the road

  • Move my head lower: reason Aerodynamics but it is slightly uncomfortable

  • Move my arms more forward to strighten out my body: Reason Aerodynamics

  • Change Helmet to Giro Aerohead.

  • Total saving about 15 watts.

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