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When races become training sessions!

What a day for team racing and supporting. Members attended 3 different events on Sunday 19th March in Hampton Court, Dorney Lake and Mole Valley. The Palace Half starting from Hampton Court Palace by Henry VIII himself was a windy affair for sure. Rob, Gary, Miles, Wayne, Tammy, Lorraine and Leonie took it on. The river path into Kingston (miles 1-3) was very comfortable whilst the wind helped us all along nicely. Once back on Portsmouth Road back towards the Scilly Isles though we felt it properly in places.


A great pace going though and we pushed on through to the second and most comfortable run section for miles 9 – 11 back along the river. How did we not think it was going to hurt for the last 2.1. Turning into the Palace Park and we were hit full force but the wind. With no trees of cover the best you could do was to find a suitable person to Echelon draft and hop between the people.

The finish was a joy with several team supporters in attendance to cheer us though the last 400m. Many thanks to Anne (loudest as always), Rich, Haidee and Bill for the cheers and shouts at the end.


Amazing performance from Tammy who achieved a 3 minute Half Marathon PB (bragging about a few beers the day before) and a massive thanks to Lorraine who supported Leonie all the way.

Post race photos and a celebratory drink after topped of a great experience for us all.


F3Events hosted what has to be described as the windiest Duathlon event of 2017 to date. As we all know Dorney Lake is renound for being windy in one direction or the other but this day was particularly bad. Danny, Kate, Karen and Jo all tackled the race with Matt as chief supporter and photographer.









A 5km run, 20km bike and 5km run saw them battling the winds on the upward length of the lake. Being in the middle and TOTALLY exposed ensured top speeds were really nothing to be talked about (12mph max reported) and made it really very treacherous, particularly for those on bikes with deep rims.

Great performances from all though and particularly well done to Danny who was chicked by both Kate and Karen on the bike leg.


The final event attended was sadly the final event for race company “Events to Live”. Lee entered and completed the Badger Half Marathon (although added the run to and from the event as part of his training).


Reporting that the downs seemed to very quickly become ups again, we see Events to Live created another tough tough Half Marathon course. Completion though as always was rewarded with a TShirt,  the obligatory ETL signature Chocolate Bar and some well earned Badger Beers. Very sad to lose ETL and a number of us will miss the Spitfire 20 mile race for sure.


Massive well done to all those that raced and supported events and athletes this weekend and we look forward to further training and racing together very soon. Kingston Breakfast Run and Brighton Marathon next for many members so feel free to come and support if possible.


If you did race this weekend then please be sure to go to and leave a review. You never know you may well win a race visor!

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